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Village Cemetery

Cemeteries and churchyards are peaceful and tranquil places; somewhere to spend some quite time remembering loved ones. A place for reflection. A warm, welcoming place where you can sit quietly, alone with your own thoughts, or talk with others.

At Kirby Muxloe Parish Council, we pride ourselves on managing our local Cemetery in a caring manner.


Please be advised that as from 15th January 2015 Kirby Muxloe Parish Council do not accept full burials or interment of cremated remains of Leicester Forest East residents or any other non-residents of Kirby Muxloe into Kirby Muxloe Cemetery (Min ref Cou/ 155/14-15). All pre-purchased plots and existing plots will be honoured.

Leicester Forest East residents and other non-residents may purchase a Granart style plot for the interment of cremated remains in the Rose Gardens only. These may be pre-purchased in advance. Cremated remains may also be scattered in the Rose Gardens.

Residents of Kirby Muxloe may pre-purchase full burial and cremation plots in advance.

A copy of the Cemetery Regulations are available on request from the Parish Council Office or you can download a copy from this web page. Please be advised that these are new Regulations which were approved and adopted by the Parish Council on 14th February 2017.

The current regulations assist to maintain proper management, regulation and control of our cemetery. The new regulations provides information on:

NB - Page 13 of the Regulations require completion and detaching from main document and returning duly completed and signed to the Parish Council Office.

Normally, the funeral director will help to make the necessary arrangements for purchasing a grave at the time of death. However, there is an option available where you can reserve a plot which can be done by contacting us directly and we will be happy to advise you. The Exclusive Right of Burial is for a period of 100 years and you will be issued with a copy of the deed which proves ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial.

Please ensure that all arrangements for interments in the Cemetery are agreed with Parish Council staff before any confirmation is given to any families involved.


Please be advised that our last interment times are as follows:

Full Burial - 3pm

Interment of cremated remains  - 3.30pm

Strewing of Cremated Remains -  3.30pm


The necessary forms for completion are listed below;

Full Burials & Interments of Cremated Remains:

Strewing of Cremated Remains:

Strewing of Cremated Remains within the Rose Gardens is available to both Residents and Non-Residents of Kirby Muxloe.

Interment Of Cremated Remains within the Cemetery Rose Gardens - (Granart Kerb Set)

Granart Kerb Sets are available to both Residents and Non-Residents of Kirby Muxloe.

Right to Erect or add an Additional Inscription to a Memorial:

Transfer of Burial Rights:

Surrender of Ownership:

Memorial Safety Check and Repair

Who is responsible for maintaining the memorial?

It is the responsibility of the Exclusive Right of Burial Owner (the Deed holder) to maintain the memorial. If a problem arises with a memorial, we try to contact that person, asking him/her to attend to the repairs required. If they cannot be traced and the memorial is unsafe the Council will make it safe to fulfil our Health and Safety responsibilities. In such circumstances we would normally lay the memorial flat.

A copy of the Memorial Safety Policy is available for download on this website.